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Yang Namanya System Optimize tentunya punya kewajiban untuk selalu membuat PC kita  optimal. jika sobat ingin  software Optimize buat windows yang paling ringan maka sobat bisa memilih software system Optimize Expert ini. dan tentunya dengan segala keterbatasannya dilihat dari ukurannya yang hanya 3MB .. mmm... seukuran dengan sebuagh lagu MP3 ya..   System Optimize Expert ini sudah berani menjamin PC sobat akan tetap fresh dan prima. lha terus bisa apa saja software System Optimize Expert ini ya. meskipun begitu System Optimize 3.4.2 ini tidak begitu minim fitur sobat bisa lihat fitur-fiturnya . nggak kalah dengan yang lain. buktinya System Optimize expert kalau cuma scanning eror registry dan memperbaikinya bisa kok..bahkan System Optimize Expert ini ahli dalam bidang scanning cleaning, dan mengoptimalkan sistem. sehingga menjauhkan dari system yang berat alias lemot. juga ahli dalam bisang cleaning junk file sehingga ruang hardisk jadi lebih longgar. 

In English : 
Optimize System is His name certainly has an obligation to make PC always healthy. if you want  the lightest windows software Optimize  you can choose Optimize Expert system. and of course with  its limitedness. The size is only 3MB .. mmm ...  just like size of MP3 songs .. Optimize Expert System  will always Optimize your system  fresh and vibrant. 
so what can  Optimize Expert System software do. Optimize System 3.4.2  is not so little features you can see the features of its features. not inferior to the others even the System Optimize Expert is an expert in scanning, cleaning, and optimizing the system. so your computer will perform as efficient as a newly-bought one. system Optimize Expert also experts in cleaning junk files so the disk space to be more space.

Lets back to the features :

• Overall scanning and repairing
System Optimize Expert's reliable scanning covers your entire system, giving your PC the full-scale protection by repairing all the errors: invalid registry entries, system problems and so on.
• System improving
Acting as your private doctor, System Optimize Expert is capable of offering professional diagnosis and treatment to Ensure a stable and smooth system and keep it at peak performance.
• Offering the easiest operation
You need not to be a computer talent to handle all its functions, as running System Optimize Expert is as simple as ABC. Try it, you will be totally impressed by its neat interface and solid features.
• Free version available
Not just a trial version. It's 100% free for your lifetime usage and upgrades. The scan, repair, optimization, etc. are also available.
• Automating protection
Enable the Automated Scan and Sweep, and you can also set a schedule of when and how Often System Optimize Expert is about to launch. So you can enjoy the real-time protection without your trouble of clicks.

Wanna Try..? 
Enjoy and be happy...

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