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Software  XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen bisa sobat  gunakan ketika sobat merasa bosen sama tampian explorer windows yang itu-itu saja. sebenarnya explorer windows difault itu bisa sobat atur menurut keinginan sobat namun dengan XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen sobat akan melihat explorer yang mungkin belum sobat lihat sebelumnya.  dengan XY Plorer 11.40 0200 + Keygen akan menjadikan explorer sobat akan jadi berbeda dan pastinya akan lebih cepet. seperti fungsi tab pada explorer windows  Download XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen bisa Menampilkan pencarian file, fasilitas pratinjau serbaguna, antarmuka yang sangat dapat disesuaikan, dan array besar cara yang unik untuk efisien mengotomatisasi tugas-tugas sering berulang. XYplorer adalah manajer file portabel. menyimpan semua data dalam folder program, dan menjalankannya tidak mengubah sistem atau registri. XYplorer fitur tab browsing, pencarian file yang powerfull, multi-level undo atau redo, pengaturan folder view setting, mini tree, user-defined commnad, script, file tags, dan komentar. gimana sobat.. ingin mencoba merubah tampilan explorer sobat.. 

In English :
Do you feel bored with your explorer, I wan to suggest  Download XY Plorer 11.40 + Keygen because XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen can make your explorer looks like different and absolutly faster. XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen is a tabbed file manager that will take explorer’s place and will let you navigate through your computer’s files and folders, search for them, queue file operations for more efficiency, define commands to simplify tasks and in general will give you the power to do a multitude of things while keeping the difficulty of use at low levels. Download XY Plorer 11.40 0200+ Keygen is a solution for making your different explorer. 

Features : 
  • File search supporting Boolean logic,
  • Regular Expressions, pattern matching, and binary string search. Multiple location search. Optional dual pane. 
  • Tag-Based File Management. 
  • Queued File Operations. Multi-Level Undo/Redo. 
  • Various sorts of file system reports. Export extended file informations of whole directories/trees to CSV-formatted files.
  • Column Width Auto-Adjustment. 
  • Show folder sizes right in the file list. 
  • For each file and folder, the (real!) disk space used is immediately displayed. 
  • Browser-like history functionality. 
  • Can define favorite folders and drop on favorites. 
  • Can highlight (configurable colors) folders in treeview. 
  • A large suite of useful commands added to the standard file context menu, including Copy To, Move To, Copy Filename with Path, 
  • Copy File Properties, Copy Icon, Batch Rename. 
  • Icon-extraction, multifile time-stamping and attribute-stamping. Instant display of complete file information for each selected file. 
  • Thumbnails of image files right in the list view. 
  • Instant preview of image (all common formats), audio (incl. mp3, ogg, ape, musepack), and video files (displaying detailed media information). 
  • ID3-tag editing. Preview of installed and uninstalled font files. 
  • Instant file content view for all files (ASCII and binary), including ultra-fast text extraction from binaries. 
  • Full support for drag n drop and wheel mouse. 
  • Made to handle heavy-duty jobs. Easy to install, and easy to remove. 
  • Installing and running the program does not change your system or registry. 
  • Easy to use, start working in no time (interface similar to Explorer). 
  • Stand-alone, small, fast, and RAM-friendly. 

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