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Plan, create, collaborate in one place

A graphic showing Sendible's assigning tasks features.

Creating a social media marketing strategy for your client, sticking to it, and then managing all its moving parts is a hell of a challenge.

It's time for you to experience how breezy social media management looks with Sendible's collaboration features.

Improve efficiency and communication with our robust collaboration features.


Simplify client management with dashboards

A graphic showing an example of an Agency dashboard with different clients in it.

Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and email threads!

Get all your clients organised in their individual social media management dashboard so your team can work smarter without fear of mistakes.

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Sendible’s White Label solution really allowed for customisation and flexibility, whilst also providing structure, practical resources, and technical support to depend on.

Ryan Grimshaw, Head of Brand and Marketing @ Topodium Group


Save time with effortless multi-platform posting

Graphic showing Sendible's Smart Compose Box that allows you to tailor posts to multiple social media platforms.

Boost efficiency with our Smart Compose Box!

This multi-profile scheduling feature allows you to publish one post across your client's social media platforms in seconds, all while ensuring it's tailored perfectly for maximum impact.

Experience effortless social media scheduling.


Stay organised with interactive calendar

Sendible monthly calendar view

Elevate social media management and team collaboration by keeping track of the scheduled content for each client.

Ensure all content is approved, easily reorganise with drag and drop, and view coverage across all social media networks.

Gain credibility, build trust, and win more clients with our white label dashboard.


Onboard new clients securely

sendible client connect widget for adding clients
Protect client privacy and ensure secure and smooth onboarding by allowing them to connect their social media profiles on your website without having to share their passwords.
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The confidentiality and security of clients being able to log into their very own system and also being able to manage that without breaching their data protection is really good.

Helen Cliff, Co-Founder @ So Contented


Access a never-ending supply of relevant content

Sendible rss feeds Google alerts

Our social media management tool allows you to source relevant content through RSS feeds and over 360+ social media holidays integrated into the calendar!

Use our Content Library to easily save content you're not ready to post or still organising for campaigns.

Deliver an award-winning social media strategy.


Say goodbye to costly typos and posting mistakes

Sendible collaboration task approvals

Sendible's social media management tool allows you to be on the same page with clients for each social media post in just a few clicks.

The best part is that you can both import posts and request approval in bulk!

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With the native platforms, the approval process was unbelievably painful and we couldn't handle the volume we are handling now without such a tool as Sendible.

Rolf Jeger, Agency Director @ VOIMA


Manage engagement for multiple clients at scale


To keep track of your client's social channels, make use of features like Social feeds or Priority Inbox.

They allow you to assign conversations to the appropriate person and ensure that users receive timely and relevant responses to grow the community efficiently and maintain engagement.

Certain plans receive personalised onboarding and ongoing support.


Improve client retention with meaningful reports

Sendible pre-built and custom reporting-options

Create stunning social media reports in minutes and delight clients with your results. 

Configure Sendible to automatically deliver branded reports directly to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Elevate client experience with White Label solutions.


Experience growth with White Label solution


Generate more revenue and attract new clients with customisable social media management software.

Brand it with your colours and integrate your own apps and tools while keeping all of the advanced solutions mentioned above.

More agency perks.

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Create engaging designs for platforms like Instagram within Sendible and access all pre-made visuals with a Canva Pro subscription.

Image Editor

Use our built-in editor to crop and optimise your images to suit each social media platform's ratio requirements.

RSS Feeds

Follow your trusted RSS feeds and publish relevant quality content to social networks at regular intervals throughout the day or as and when new articles are published.

Bulk Importing

It can make more sense to plan your content in bulk. Quickly prepare and import a CSV file or create posts in bulk directly in your dashboard.

Content Suggestions

Browse through 300+ content ideas ready to be drafted and published with images already attached right from your dashboard.

Media Integrations

Source fun, royalty-free content with GIPHY and Pexels to engage your audience. Access existing content with our DropBox and Google Drive integrations.

Talk to our consultants to discover Sendible.

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